As a “HydroVent” LTD  we are currently supplying the design and construction of many industrial enterprises and shopping centers in the capital and regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sewage and fire systems.  Our collective consists of prudent and forward-thinking specialists with the knowledge and experience to drive the project success from start to finish.

The project should be compiled in a simple language and shouldn’t be encumbered by highly scientific expressions, general terms, and complex concepts. Each work to be carried out should be described precisely and clearly and additional hypotheses should be avoided. Statistical data should be included if necessary. Consistency should be observed and preference should be given to maximum straightforwardness. No information should be included about entities and competent persons who have submitted the project.

Our work process consists of the following stages:

  1. Design works begin for the implementation of mechanical supply works of the facility
  2. Mechanical supply works are carried out due to the developed project
  3. The works are done and the employees are regularly controlled by the inspector.
  4. After the end of any part of the project, the inspector checks brands of the equipment, dimensions of the ducts, length of the pipes and takes photos of them and controls the work
  5. Manual on the safety rules of employees is taken from the head of the department by the inspector during the work.