Installation and service

Our company serves large and small offices, commercial facilities, educational and cultural facilities, clinics, industrial production technologies, private homes and, most importantly, air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems (HVAC), water supply, sewerage, fire fighting, smoke removal equipment, actively participates in the installation and commissioning works.

We are proud of providing Europe’s most advanced service for Azerbaijani customers. At the same time, our services consist of the followings:

  • General maintenance and service of the chillers
  • General maintenance and service of Fan coils
  • General maintenance and service of inner and outer block of VRV systems
  • General maintenance and service of duct type air conditioners
  • Operating and adjustment works
  • Installation, provision and repair of cooling equipment
  • Mounting and chef mounting works


Heating systems Cooling systems Ventilation systems
1.Burners 1. Fan coils 1. AHU
2.Wall-hung boilers 2. Chillers 2.Ventilators
3.Combi boilers 3. VRV systems 3. Recuperator
4.Radiators 4. VRF systems 4. Humectants
5.Boilers 5.Rooftop systems 5. Dampers
6.Heat exchanger 6. Duct air conditioners 6. Control systems
7.Thermostat 7. Cassette type  
  8.Spilt type  
  11. Main type air conditioners